Freelance design and
bespoke digital teams

Freelance design and bespoke digital teams

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Chris (middle) leading a redesign for Marriott

Hi there, I’m Chris Berridge, ex Head of Design at cxpartners, now freelance design consultant and builder of kick-ass digital teams.

clients past and present

— Google
— Spotify
— Marriott
— The Coop
— Guinness
— Penguin Books
— Virgin

— Adidas
— Channel 4
— Holland & Barrett
— Nokia
— Lego
— Nationwide
— Clarks
— Toshiba


I assemble bespoke teams to collaborate with clients on projects in their entirety, cherry-picking from the many independent designers, developers, content creators and strategists I've worked with over the years to create world-class digital teams, packed full of experience and talent.

team services

— Brand Strategy & Design
— Digital Product Design
— Content Production
— Full-stack Development